Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

Just a quick update from the Davis household... Kannon is almost 4 months old! Wait WHAT?! Where has the time gone?? He is SO much fun. He's starting to giggle and it is the SWEETEST sound! We've also been starting a lil fruits and veggies...he's lovin em! Kannon loves being outside..thank goodness the weather has been cooperative! Here in a few weeks, we will be taking our very first family vacation to sweet home ALABAMA! We couldn't be more excited! Grammee will have almost all of her grandkids there at the same time and ALL 7 of her great-grandbabies... make that all 7 of her great-grandSONS. Crazy how we've all had boys! Not much else is new...but I wanted to share a few of our family pictures! Thanks again to our fantastic photographer, Mandi! :) Wish I could share em all... I think Kannon has made it very clear how he feels about having his picture taken :)

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  1. I think you are right about the frown or perplexed grin of Kannon's. It's a grin that makes one laugh, a nice, sweet kind of laugh. Thanks for sharing your blog. Love it. LOL, Grandpa Lanny and Grandma Arlene